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Drying Ovens


to test coating substances



The Ovens Model Galli 21SL, have the main featured similar to our model G-2100 High Performance,  and they have more specific features to comply the drying of coating substances with limitated amount of solvents.

According to EN 1539 Europen Standard.


Mean features

       Microprocessor PID Control Double Display                        Platinum Probe PT100

       Solid State relay Zero Crossing                                           Calibration according to ISO, GLP,

       Continuos Inner Forced Air                                                     Safety devide on forced air control

       Safety device on exaust air                                                     Air Filter to avoid dirty powders

       Safety OverHeating Limit Clas 2 DIN 12880                        Over-Pressured Chamber

       Low external temperature                                                        Max solvent warning indication

       Acustic / Visual Alarms                                                           Uniformity of Temperature

Reproducibility of tests performed                                        Fast heating and recovery of temperature

All those special features made this model essential uses should be treated as paints, lacquers, adhesives, binders, coils impregnated, ...

indispensabili negli impieghi ove si debbano trattare vernici, lacche, adesivi, leganti, bobine impregnate,

That is where we must avoid any potentially explosive mixture inside the chamber of the stove.
The choice between different options allows control to be able to provide documentation of the process, one or several devices at once.


q       RS485 or RS232 for PC connections

q       PT100 indipendent probe

q       Recorder

q       Door with 3 indipendent Trays


Temperatur range            from T.Amb.+10 to +250 C

Accuracy                           +- 0.5 C at +150C

Uniformity                          +- 2.0 C a +150C

Inner Dimensions             460 x 460 x 500 mm WxDxH

External Dimensions       730 x 750 x 800 mm WxDxH

Volume                              100 L about

Power Supply                    230V 50Hz

Power                                 3100 W

Weight                                80 Kg about


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