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Thermostatic Oven

for elongation test

on cable and plastics




G-21DINA is used to test the elongation of the materials under test submitted to force and temperature in the same time.


      Range of temperature from T.Amb.+5C to +300C

      Stability +/-1C at +150C

      Uniformity +/-1,5C at +150C

      Heat by armored heaters    

      Forced assisted circulation system

      Speed control from 100% to 20%

      Natural air convection selector

      Stainless steel chamber, rounded corners.

      N02 Heigh adjustables shelves, non tip, removable.

      N01 Stiks to support parts under test

      N03 Test positions

      N03 Elongation references

      N03 Pairs of terminals

      N03 Mass small containers

      N01 Mass kit

      Powder coated RAL 7035 light grew.

      Microprocessor AG-System PRO

      PID double display with Autotuning functions

      Programmar up to 4 x 16 segmenti

      Calibration accorind to ISO 9000.

     Platinum Probe PT100 Class A.

      Solid State Relay Zero Crossing low noice

      Indipendent Safety thermostat Class 3.1.

      Silicone door gasket

      N01 Window multi-panel

     Inner light foth front switch

      Second insulated door

      Front side exhaust air control

      N01 trough hole diam. 23mm with silicone plug

      N01 RS232 connection to PC

      Power supply 230V 1 Phase 50 Hz.

      CE, Instructions.


 More .... the G-21DINA Oven is according to CEI 2034 Standard from 8 to 20 Air Exchange / Hours



CODE                    Type                               Inner Dimensions WxDxH mm

21CB-XDINA-100         21DINA Elongation Oven 40x40x60cm 096L 8/20 exhange/h




     Special Table

      Software GLOGGER

      Energy Meter Digital

      Other options on demand



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