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MOD. 22

Technical Features
  • Mod. 22 Sand Bath
  • Steel outer casing, stove enamelled with epoxy colours
  • Efficiency thermal insulation, no abestos used
  • Tank made of SS AISI 304 with handle for extraction
  • Heating provided by armored heaters under the tank
  • Energy regulator SIMMERSTAT type
  • Electrical parts in according to current safety standard including: Fuses, warning light, supply cable with shuko plug, main switch
  • Temperature range from +10C above ambient to about +350C
  • Instruction for use and wiring diagram
  • All units are individually checked and tested
  • Electrical supply 220 V 1 phase 50 Hz
      OPS0400000 Aluminium sand (4 Kg.)



BS22X400SO BS22X500SO
Working Dimensions (w x d x h) mm 400x200x60 500x300x80
External Dimensions (w x d x h) mm 600x280x250 700x380x280
Volume (lt.) 4 12
Power (W) 1000 1500
Weight (Kg.) 15 20
Packaging Dimension (w x d x h) (mm.) 700x400x350 800x500x390
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