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Advanced CO2 Incubator

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Space Efficient Design

Made from 304 bright annealed stainless steel for easy cleaning and reduced contamination risk. Outer door and self-stacking top are precision mouldings. The 150 litre internal chamber volume is contained within a small smile outer shell, which allows safe and practical use on and under a laboratory bench

Advanced Heating System

The on board microprocessor ensures a stable temperature control with minimal gradient and prompt temperature recovery with no overshoot.

Accurate CO2 Control

A solid state infra red CO2 sensor with keypad controlled auto zeroing ensures maximum stability, regardless of humidity variations. CO2 is pulsed into the chamber to achieve the precise concentration required against pre-set limits.

Interactive Control System

Mounted on the chamber door, this keypad controls the incubator and incorporates an audio-visual alarm system. The user-friendly display enables settings to be programmed reliably and quickly

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High Humidity Dry Wall Chamber

A humidity level of 95% is achievable to minimise sample evaporation. The independent outer door heating system ensures that there is no condensation on the inner door.

Heat Profiling System

The unique heating system eliminates the need for a fan because it heats all six sides of the chamber at once. This allows the thermodynamic convection to move the air in the chamber, which greatly reduces evaporation and the chance of vibration. Most important of all it significantly decreases the possibility of contamination compared to other incubators.

Options and Accessories are available on request

Temperature range        from 1C above amb.temp. to +50C       Stability +-0,1C             Uniformity +-0,2C
CO2 range                     from 0,2% to 10% or from 0,2 to 20%     Stability +-0,2%              Uniformity +-0,1%
Relative Umidity             95% at +37,0C                                     Shelves capacity           0,25 m2/shelf
Power supply                230V 50/60 Hz, 500 W
Inner dimensions           485 x 500 x 625 mm      Volume              150 litres
External dimensions      580 x 630 x 760 mm      Net weight        65 Kg

Packing dimensions      705 x 765 x 960 mm      Gross weight     75 Kg


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