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Climatic Test Chambers

Salt Spray Cyclic Chambers

GALLI produces and offer

a selection of Environmental Test Chambers

and Shock Chambers


Galli has equipment in a variety of size and the expertise to meet and exceed your testing requirements.

From criogenic to hot temperatures, from bench top to big volumes and walk in chambers.


Thermostatic Chambers & Climatic Chambers

Low Humidity & Clean

Full Glass Door View

Fast Rate



Highly Accelerated Stress HALT & HAST System


Thermal Stock Chambers Air to Air & Liquid to Liquid


Galli offers Ascott World leaders

in Salt Spray cabinets, chambers

and Cyclic Corrosion chambers

for corrosion testing




Corrosion is, quite literally, eating away at the profits of virtually every manufacturer on the planet and is similarly eating into the pocket of any consumer who buys the products of those manufacturers. Corrosion is no stranger to most of us, but the science of minimising its effects is a very specialized field, where only the most experienced can provide the answers industry needs.  Here at Ascott, we pride ourselves in being in the vanguard of corrosion testing technology. Our speciality in the creation of closely controlled corrosive environments within different sizes of enclosure generally known as corrosion test chambers or cabinets. Samples for testing are placed inside these chambers to determine their corrosion resistance, often in accordance with internationally recognised corrosion test standards.


World leaders in

Seed Germinators, Light Thermostats, Climatic Test Cabinets, Explosion-Proof Cooling, Hot Air Sterilizers Class 100.

Precision. Rumed appliances are precision units according to the regulations FDA and DIN ISO 9001. To ensure a constant, reliable quality of efficiency for a longer period, the appliances can be calibrated and validated at site (upon request) by means of our calibration units awarded with the NAMAS/DKD-certificate.

Responsibility of Environmental Control. Our capacity in view of the consideration of high requirements regarding environmental protection had been officially attested: by the validity of our EC-System for environmental management and an audit in our company according to the Eco-Audit Regulations for the European Community. This includes our obligation to take back and to sanitate our appliances. The choice of material which is not harmful to the environment and the application of CFC-free insulating material and refrigerants are our commandment.

Economy. Durable material, such as stainless steel, as well as the technological facilities of energy saving are consequently applied. Thus, Rumed precision appliances meet the present quality requirements, and they are not harmful to the environment and very economic.

World leaders in

Thermostatic Baths,

Coolers and Circulators,

Viscometer Baths


Tamson Instruments bv now offers a quality range of

thermostatic bath products.

Reliable and accurate temperature regulation of fluids. Accuracy beyond 0.01 degree kelvin can be achieved. The product range provides exact temperature controlling from a range of -100 to 250 C.
Industrial fields such as petroleum industry, universities, research institutes and quality control laboratories. Chemical, quality control and product processing, along with research and development industries. Circulator baths, water re-circulators, immersion and re-circulation coolers, viscometer baths and viscometer accessories.



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